Lei Gao

MS Student

TAMU Natural Language Processing group
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Email: sjtuprog@tamu.edu



Hello! I am a 2nd year MS student in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station under the supervision of Prof. Ruihong Huang. I got my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in June, 2016. Here is my CV.

Research Interests

My interest mainly lies in the general area of Natural Language Processing. .


1. Lei Gao, Alexis Coppersmith, Ruihong Huang. “Recognizing Explicit and Implicit Hate Speech Using a Weakly Supervised Two-path Bootstrapping Approach” Accepted by IJCNLP 2017

2. Lei Gao, Ruihong Huang. " Detecting Online Hate Speech Using Context Aware Models" In Proc. of RANLP 2017

3. Lei Gao, Na Ruan, Haojin Zhu. " Efficient and Secure Message Authentication in Cooperative Driving: A Game-Theoretic Approach " In Proc. of IEEE ICC 2016

4. Na Ruan, Lei Gao, Xiang Li, Haojin Zhu, Weijia Jia. " Toward Optimal DoS-resistant authentication in Crowdsensing Networks via Evolutionary Game " In Proc. of IEEE ICDCS 2016

5. Na Ruan, Qi Hu, Lei Gao, Haojin Zhu, Qingshui Xue, Weijia Jia. " A Traffic Based Lightweight Attack Detection Scheme for VoLTE " In Proc.of IEEE Globecom 2016

Ongoing Research

I am working on fake news detection now.