Our weekly meetings will be at 408H HRBB, on Fridays, from 4-5 p.m

Date Presenter Topic
01/24/2020 Prafulla How to solve non-differentiable problems? Gumbel-Softmax and Policy Gradient methods for NLP
01/31/2020 Wenlin Weakly-supervised Fine-grained Event Recognition on Social Media Texts for Disaster Management
02/07/2020 Zeyu Skipped
02/14/2020 Sanuj Task Oriented Dialog Systems
02/21/2020 Maitreyi Skipped
02/28/2020 Prafulla Unsupervised Discrete Sentence Representation Learning for Interpretable Neural Dialog Generation
03/06/2020 Zeyu Knowledge Enhanced Contextual Word Representations
03/20/2020 Patrick TBD
03/27/2020 Sanjeev TBD
04/03/2020 Ajit TBD
04/10/2020 Wenlin TBD
04/17/2020 Patrick TBD
04/24/2020 Sanuj TBD