Our weekly meetings will be at 408H HRBB, on Fridays, from 5-6 p.m

Date Presenter Topic
Prafulla Choubey
Tutorial I: Structured Prediction in NLP
09/15/2017 Wenlin Yao Tutorial II: Bootstrapping
09/22/2017 Zeyu Dai
Tutorial III: PyTorch
09/29/2017 Ajit Jain
Kuznetsova, Polina, Jianfu Chen, and Yejin Choi. "Understanding and Quantifying Creativity in Lexical Composition." In EMNLP, pp. 1246-1258. 2013.
10/06/2017 Lei Gao Research findings on Event Relations
10/13/2017 Bowen Li Research findings on Word Sense Disambiguation
Updates- ALL Discussion
10/27/2017 Prafulla Choubey A Simple but Tough-to-Beat Baseline for Sentence Embeddings
11/03/2017 Justin Hill Research findings on Event Extraction and Coreference Resolution
11/10/2017 Christopher Madison SemEval task for emotional intensity
11/17/2017 Ajit Jain, Zeyu Dai Visual clustering and its performance evaluation, Bottom-Up and Top-Down Attention for Image Captioning and Visual Question Answering
12/01/2017 Wenlin Yao, Prafulla Choubey Using Script Knowledge for Reading Comprehension
12/08/2017 Justin Hill Visual Reasoning