Our weekly meetings will be at 408H HRBB, on Fridays, from 5-6 p.m

Date Presenter Topic
Prafulla Choubey
Transforming Dependency Structures to Logical Forms for Semantic Parsing
02/17/2017 Wenlin Yao A survey on Machine Reading Comprehension Task
02/24/2017 Ajit Jain
Large Scale Retrieval and Generation of Image Descriptions
03/03/2017 Allison Badgett
Joint Extraction of Events and Entities within a Document Context
03/10/2017 Lei Gao, Zeyu Dai Recognizing Explicit and Implicit Hate Speech Using a Weakly Supervised Two-path Bootstrapping Approach, A survey on Discourse Relation Identification Task
03/24/2017 All members Informal group discussion, brainstorm research ideas
Jianyu Zuo, Xining Wang
04/07/2017 Bowen Li
04/21/2017 Pradnyil Sranjay Karande
04/28/2017 Haru Lee, Justin Hill
05/05/2017 Tianjian Wang